Black Diamond Pure Carbon Ski Poles

Black Diamond has contributed some of the best poles to the marketplace over the past decade for both trekking and backcountry skiing. As a long-time user of the Black Diamond Carbon Distance Z-poles it was no surprise that I gravitated toward BD when looking for a new set of backcountry poles. While excellent in many ways, the Pure Carbon ski poles just don’t quite live up to the standard set by the Carbon Distance … Continue reading Black Diamond Pure Carbon Ski Poles

The man behind the mountain

For those of you who are curious about the writer of this blog, I thought I’d give you some basics about me. I’m going to go with bullet-form and a non-prioritized order… The picture with this post is officially PM World Headquarters. I think if you want to be taken seriously you really need a world headquarters. I wish mine was actually a 4wd Sprinter van … Continue reading The man behind the mountain

We need the mountains

There is a George Carlin bit where he talks about environmentalists saying that they are “Saving the Planet.” His suggestion is that the planet has been here for millions of years, it’s outlived the dinosaurs and everything else, the planet is going to be fine – we’re the ones that are “gonna die.” When you think about it, it’s almost absurd to come to any … Continue reading We need the mountains