Long-Term Test: Altra Superior 2.0

The perfect running shoe is an elusive thing. There have been many that were good, some have even crossed over into the category of great. But the perfect shoe I have not found. While there is no real possibility of the Superior 2.0 falling into the perfect category, I have to admit that at this moment it is among my favorite shoes – but it has … Continue reading Long-Term Test: Altra Superior 2.0

Dynafit TLT Speed Radical 2015/16

For those who see brakes on backcountry ski bindings as needless weight, the TLT Speed Radical is a solid choice. While the market is getting more and more crowded with a range of backcountry bindings, if you’re not looking for freeride capabilities, and you’re not weighing everything before it goes into your pack (which you’ve already weighed and cut extraneous features off of) there are … Continue reading Dynafit TLT Speed Radical 2015/16

La Sportiva RST 2.0

Light, nimble, fun. The La Sportiva RST 2.0 are a straight-forward pair of skis that are great at what they do well; and for the couple areas where they come up short, this isn’t the ski you would be looking for, anyway. One thing that unquestionably got my attention about these skis is their weight – particularly the fact that my pair came in well under the listed weight of … Continue reading La Sportiva RST 2.0

Black Diamond Pure Carbon Ski Poles

Black Diamond has contributed some of the best poles to the marketplace over the past decade for both trekking and backcountry skiing. As a long-time user of the Black Diamond Carbon Distance Z-poles it was no surprise that I gravitated toward BD when looking for a new set of backcountry poles. While excellent in many ways, the Pure Carbon ski poles just don’t quite live up to the standard set by the Carbon Distance … Continue reading Black Diamond Pure Carbon Ski Poles