Ski/Soak 16

This is a week of great anticipation. Each spring and each fall I spend 2 to 4 weeks in Asia on product development trips. Over the course of those 2-4 weeks I miss a lot of time with my family. As compensation this year, I am taking a week to road-trip with them.

The forecast suggests that Purgatory may get the least snow of the three mountains we’ll visit. Whatever the conditions, I’m looking forward to my first trip to Durango and another chance to play in the San Juans.

We’re starting out in Crested Butte – staying at a friend’s place while they are on a trip, themselves. Then we head down to Durango for a few days of skiing at Purgatory and soaking at Trimble hot springs. From there we begin making our way back east through Pagosa Springs. After a couple nights there, we continue on to Monarch and Princeton Hot Springs.

The last time I was at Pagosa Springs was almost 15 years ago. It’s one of my wife’s favorites and from what I have heard the pools and lodge have only gotten better since we were there.

The carefully-crafted trip will provide 7 days of skiing (3 at CB, 3 at Purgatory, 1 at Monarch) for my son and I (we’ll see what kind of backcountry options there are around Pagosa and that may be another day for me), and 5 days of soaking, relaxing, and writing for my wife. There will be cross-over and I’ll definitely take advantage of the hot springs – one of the great gifts that the heat and pressure that formed the Rocky Mountains also gave us – though, unfortunately, my wife won’t be skiing this year as she’s still recovering from knee surgery.

Unfortunately plans for this trip were made before an accurate weather forecast for the week was available – northern Colorado will get a couple feet of fresh snow over the coming week, while the south will be lucky to see 4-6 inches in total. Still, the Elks and San Juans are some of my favorite mountains in the state, and to spend a few days in each with my favorite people on earth is something that I’m really grateful for.

While the trip will be all fun and games, it will also include some work: I have to do final user testing on UD’s three ski packs that will come out for Winter 16. Don’t worry, I am fully aware that this is a great gig and that most people would slap me of suggesting that testing ski gear was in any way work…


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